A bucket of King Bouquet Snack& Mix – Burger King ZA

A large helping of nuggets, onion rings and golden King Fries.

A bucket of King Bouquet Snack& Mix

How many nuggets are in the King Bouquet: 11 pieces, 10 onion rings, and about two Junior Fries-sized servings.

The box itself is 18. 5 centimeters in diameter at the top and 14. 5 centimeters high, but it is half full of snacks and covered by a nice laminated lid.

Nutritional value

Name quantity per piece
Weight (g) 465. 0
kcal 1189. 7
kJ 4981. 0
Protein (g) 38. 0
Fats (g) 52. 6
Carbohydrates (g) 141. 2
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