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Meet the most impressive hamburger in the Burger King collection.Lots of meat, lots of bacon and lots of cheese, just the way you like it, and nothing to excess.

Nutritional value

Energetic value4277.7kJ.1280kJ.
caloric value1021.7 calories.310 calories.
Saturated fats65.7g.20 g.
Protein57.2g.17 g.
carbohydrates50.3 g.15 g.


  • Hamburger bun with sesame seeds (89g).
  • Semi-finished minced meat “WHOPPER veal cutlet” / shaped mincemeat.formed from category B “Noble Beefsteak”.
  • Smoked bacon.frozen.sliced.
  • Ketchup “Heinz” Tomato
  • Mayonnaise for salads with a fat mass fraction of 65%.
  • Cream cheese
  • 335.0g;306. 3 kcal
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