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Cafe Glace

Natural coffee, freshly made, with the addition of ice cream.

Nutritional value

Energetic value 123.9kJ. 40kJ.
caloric value 123.9 calories. 40 calories.
Saturated fats 3.8 g. 1.5g.
Protein 3.6 g. 1 g.
carbohydrates 18.6g. 6 g.


  • Weight: 300.0g
  • Value in:
  • per serving 123.9 kcal/123.9 kJ
  • per 100g.41.3kcal/41.3kJ.
  • Proteins: per serving 3.6/ per 100g.1,2
  • Fats: per serving 3.8/100g.1,3
  • Carbohydrates: per portion 18.6/100g.6.2
  • recommended consumption
  • B It should not be stored.
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