Caramel Latte XL – Burger King AU

Caramel Latte XL

A delicate milk and coffee drink made up of three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam. Order through the Burger King mobile app and get one in six XL coffees free. Points. To the Burger King eCard in the mobile app. Make sure to register your eCard in the app, you can find it under “Profile” in the top left “toolbar” of the app. So after buying any 5th XL coffee on the mobile app, you will get 130 bonus points which you can spend on the 6th XL coffee absolutely free. Caveat. XL coffee combos, coupons and promotions do not count towards the promotion.


  • Coffee
  • Ultrapasteurized drinking milk with 3. 2% fat
  • Salted caramel syrup with flavor and aroma

Nutritional value

fats 10 g.
Protein 7 g.
carbohydrates 47g.
Energy. value 1250 kJ
Calorific value 300 kcal
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