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Double cheese whopper

Double WOPPER with Cheese: Two appetizing flame-cooked 100% beef steaks, two tender slices of cheese, juicy tomatoes, fresh sliced lettuce, thick mayonnaise, crisp pickles and fresh onions on a delicate sesame seed bun.

Nutritional value

Energetic value3196.67kJ.1050kJ.
caloric value763.5 calories.250 calories.
Saturated fats48.4g.16 g.
Protein30.9 g.10 g.
carbohydrates51.1 g.17 g.


  • Weight: 376.4g
  • Value in:
  • per serving 896.5 kcal/3753.5 kJ
  • per 100g.238.2kcal/997.2kJ
  • Proteins: per serving 48.6/ per 100g.12.9
  • Fats: per serving 54.5/100g.14.5
  • Carbohydrates: per portion 52.9/100g.14.1
  • Expiration: 24 hours.
  • Storage conditions: +2+6
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