Indulge in our Delicious Soft Serve Cone at Burger King

Soft Serve Cone

Burger King’s Soft Serve Cone is a delicious treat that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made with creamy, velvety soft serve ice cream, this cone is the perfect combination of cool and indulgent. With its smooth texture and rich flavor, each bite is a delight for your taste buds. Topped with a classic pointed swirl and a crispy cone, this dessert is not only a feast for the senses but also a sight to behold. Whether you’re enjoying it on a hot summer day or treating yourself after a meal, the Soft Serve Cone is a must-try dessert from Burger King’s menu.

Ingredients of Soft Serve Cone

Here are the ingredients of the Soft Serve Cone from Burger King:

  • Vanilla Soft Serve
  • Waffle Cone

Soft Serve Cone Caloric Content

Caloric content per serving of Soft Serve Cone

Item Calories
Soft Serve Cone 150

Soft Serve Cone Prices at Burger King:

Check out the average prices for Soft Serve Cone at Burger King:

  1. Regular Soft Serve Cone: $1.00
  2. Large Soft Serve Cone: $1.50
  3. Soft Serve Cone with Toppings: $2.00
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