Introducing the Soft Serve Cup: A New Sweet Treat from Burger King

Soft Serve Cup

In the mood for a decadent treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings? Look no further than the Soft Serve Cup from Burger King’s menu!

This mouthwatering dessert is made with the creamiest, dreamiest soft serve ice cream in a cup that is perfect for enjoying on the go or as a sweet escape after a meal.

Indulge in the smooth velvety texture and rich flavors of this delightful treat. Whether you prefer classic vanilla or bold chocolate, the Soft Serve Cup will surely delight your taste buds.

With its generous portion size, this treat is perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying all to yourself. So go ahead, treat yourself to a little moment of bliss with the Soft Serve Cup from Burger King today!

Ingredients of Soft Serve Cup

The ingredients of the Soft Serve Cup from Burger King menu include:

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream

Calorie Content of Soft Serve Cup

Product Calories
Vanilla Soft Serve Cup (Small) 220
Vanilla Soft Serve Cup (Medium) 330
Vanilla Soft Serve Cup (Large) 480
Chocolate Soft Serve Cup (Small) 250
Chocolate Soft Serve Cup (Medium) 380
Chocolate Soft Serve Cup (Large) 550

Prices for Soft Serve Cup at Burger King

Enjoy our delicious Soft Serve Cup at affordable prices:

  1. Regular Soft Serve Cup: $1.49
  2. Small Soft Serve Cup: $0.99
  3. Large Soft Serve Cup: $2.49
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