Junior Cheeseburger Lunch – Burger King ZA

It could be said that it is lunch based on more popular meat hamburgers among children. It consists of 4 dishes: a Cheeseburger, a small ration of chips, a third dish to choose from: a toy, a comic, a donut or an empanadilla. Plus one of these drinks: cocoa, Pepsi, Mirinda of 300 ml each, or apple or orange juice in box of 0. 2 or a 0. 5 liter bottle of mineral aqua. It is good to see that a toy or a comic can be replaced by a sweet dish, which means that this combo is not just for the little ones. A children’s lunch full of sweets in an original box. Hamburger with cheese, fried potatoes, drink, dessert or a collectible toy to choose inside.

Junior Cheeseburger Lunch

Nutritional value

Name Quantity per ration
Weight (g) 485. 9
Kcal 601. 2
kj 2517. 1
Protein (g) 17. 3
Fats (g) 19. 3
Carbohydrates (G) 87. 2 < Span> Junior Cheeseburger Lunch
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