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King Box 5 in 1 Whopper Roll

The King Box 5-in-1 Whopper Roll is a value pack of your favorite foods in a carton including a Whopper Roll, King Nuggets Junior and King Fries Junior, choice of sauce and choice of beverage.


  • whopper roll
  • To choose between: Junior King Nuggets or 3-piece cheese medallions.
  • To choose between: Junior fries or Junior onion rings.
  • Favorite sauces: cheese, sweet and sour, curry, barbecue, cranberry, garlic, ketchup
  • Drink to choose: green tea, black tea, small cappuccino, small latte, small americano, lipton, mirinda, pepsi, seven up.

Nutritional value

Namein a servingPer 100 g.
Energetic value
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