King’s Bouquet “Big Mix” – Burger King CA

King’s Bouquet “Big Mix”

A big helping of crispy savory wings, onion rings and golden King Fries.

Nutritional value

Energetic value6820.72kJ.1140kJ.
caloric value1629.1 calories.270 calories.
Saturated fats66g.11 g.
Protein21.6 g.3.5g.
carbohydrates237.2g.40 g.


  • Tempura onion rings.
  • Chicken wings
  • Semi-processed potatoes “Burger king”.Tempura fries.
  • Vegetable oil – mixture for frying.
  • “10 units/10 units/190g.
  • 111/212/190g”; 248. 2 kcal
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