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Latte (STAND.)

A delicate milk and coffee drink made up of three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam.

Nutritional value

Energetic value 750.28kJ. 250kJ.
caloric value 179.2 calories. 60 calories.
Saturated fats 8.6 g. 3 g.
Protein 7.7 g. 2.5 g.
carbohydrates 17.6g. 6 g.


  • Weight: 300ml
  • Value in:
  • per serving 179.2 kcal/750.3 kJ
  • per 100g.59.7kcal/250.1kJ.
  • Proteins: per serving 7.7/ per 100g.2.6
  • Fats: per serving 8.6/100g.2.9
  • Carbohydrates: per portion 17.6/100g.5.9
  • Recommended for consumption in restaurants
  • It should not be stored.
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