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Long cheeseburger

The Long Cheeseburger is the reference in the cheeseburger collection.Two flame-cooked steaks with two slices of lightly melted cheese, crispy gherkins, diced onion, mustard and ketchup on a long, golden bun with sesame seeds.

Nutritional value

Energetic value2000kJ.1060kJ.
caloric value477.7 calories.250 calories.
Saturated fats23.5 g.12 g.
Protein22 g.12 g.
carbohydrates44.6g.24 g.


  • Danish hot dog bun with sesame seeds (76g)
  • Minced meat semi-finished product category B “HAMBURGER veal cutlet” / minced meat semi-finished product category B “Special veal cutlet
  • Cream cheese
  • Wavy Sliced “Spicy” Pickles
  • Ketchup “Heinz” Tomato
  • prepared mustard
  • 188.8g;253. 0 kcal
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