Nuggets King Go – Burger King ZA

The new and delicious King Go Nuggets always with you! Nuggets made with tender white chicken meat in a slight crispy empanado, and golden slices of hot and fresh King Fries fries are complemented perfectly. If you ask how many nuggets are in King Go, know there are 6 and about 12 slices of fried potatoes. King Go Nuggets Measures (CM): Length – 7, Width – 7, High – 11

Nuggets King Go

Nutritional value

Name per piece
Weight (g) 172. 0
Kcal 414. 0
kj 2017. 8
Protein (g) 7.7
Fats (g) 24. 5
Carbohydrates (G) 58. 1
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