Rodeo Burger: A Tasty Tangy Treat from Burger King

Rodeo Burger

Welcome to Burger King, where you can indulge in the exciting flavors of the Rodeo Burger! This mouthwatering creation is a true celebration of the Wild West, combining bold barbecue sauce, crispy onion rings, and juicy flame-grilled beef patty. Every bite of this savory masterpiece is a thrilling adventure for your taste buds. The smoky sweetness of the BBQ sauce is perfectly complemented by the crunchy, golden onion rings, adding a satisfying texture to each bite. And let’s not forget about the succulent beef patty, cooked to perfection on our signature grill. The Rodeo Burger is a true cowboy’s delight, capturing the essence of the frontier with its captivating flavors and rugged presentation. So saddle up and experience the ultimate taste sensation with the Rodeo Burger at Burger King today!

Ingredients of Rodeo Burger

Get the perfect combination of flavors with the Rodeo Burger, found on the menu at Burger King. This delicious burger features the following ingredients:

  • Beef patty
  • Crispy onion rings
  • BBQ sauce
  • Melted American cheese
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sesame seed bun

Calorie content of Rodeo Burger

Below is a table showing the calorie content of Rodeo Burger from Burger King menu:

Item Calories
Rodeo Burger 450

Price of Rodeo Burger

Average prices for Rodeo Burger from the Burger King menu:

  1. Rodeo Burger – $2.99
  2. Rodeo Burger Combo (includes fries and a drink) – $5.99
  3. Rodeo Burger Meal (includes fries, a drink, and a dessert) – $7.99
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