The Bacon King: A Burger Fit for a King

Bacon King

The Bacon King is a mouth-watering masterpiece from the Burger King menu. This indulgent burger is stacked high with crispy, savory bacon that adds a smoky flavor to every bite. The juicy beef patty is cooked to perfection and topped with melted American cheese, creamy mayonnaise, and tangy ketchup. Served on a soft sesame seed bun, The Bacon King is a true carnivore’s delight, guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. Dig into this savory sensation and experience the ultimate bacon experience at Burger King.

Ingredients of Bacon King

Check out the delicious ingredients that make up the Bacon King at Burger King:

  • 2 flame-grilled beef patties
  • A generous helping of crispy bacon
  • Melted American cheese
  • Savory mayonnaise
  • Freshly sliced tomatoes
  • Crisp lettuce
  • Soft sesame seed bun

Caloric Content of Bacon King

Table of caloric content in Bacon King from Burger King menu:

Item Calories (kcal)
Bacon King Sandwich 1,160
Large French Fries 430
Medium Coca-Cola 200
Total 1,790

Price of Bacon King

Average prices for Bacon King in Burger King menu:

  1. Bacon King Sandwich – $6.99
  2. Bacon King Jr. – $4.99
  3. Bacon King Meal – $9.99
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