Junior lunch with chicken hamburger – Burger King ZA

A children’s lunch that includes 4 dishes: a chicken hamburger with chicken chop, small fried potatoes, to choose between: toy, comic, donut or cake. And any of the following drinks: apple or orange juice in 200 ml box, cocoa, Pepsi, mirinda of 300 ml or a bottle of hal f-liter water. As you can see, the toy can be replaced by food, so it is not really a combo for children.

Junior lunch with chicken hamburger

Nutritional value

Name Quantity per ration
Weight (g) 508. 0
Kcal 636. 9
kj 2666. 6
Protein (g) 14. 6
Fats (g) 21. 7
Carbohydrates (G) 93. 5
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