Royal fries – Burger King CA

Royal fries

Hot slices of French fries topped with cheese sauce, crispy onions, bacon and BBQ sauce.What could be tastier than this?

Nutritional value

Energetic value 2920.3 kJ. 1240 kJ.
caloric value 697.5 calories. 300 calories
Saturated fats 35.2g 15g
Protein 10.9g 4.5g
carbohydrates 83.2g 35g


  • Semi-finished potatoes of t.m.”Burger King”.Fried potatoes in tempura.
  • Vegetable oil – mixture for frying.
  • Smoked bacon.frozen.sliced.
  • Sliced Fried Onions
  • western BBQ sauce
  • Vegetable oil-based sauce Heinz Original Cheese
  • 236.0g;295. 5 kcal
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